A hole in One Winner!!! Congrats Joe!!

ABADASA donated $2000 to help build a new playground at Grasmere school in Alberta Beach. October 15,2020.

Alberta Beach and District Amateur Softball Association 


This volunteer based organization has been running for approx 30 years.  Originally founded over a couple beers after a ball tournament, several of the founding members are still involved. Current members of ABADASA include:  Joe Blakeman, Wendy Wildman, Denise VanDenBussche, Duane Drews, Lucy Hachey, Todd Zolmer, Frank Walters and Marcus (Chili) Davis.

ABADASA has hosted its annual golf tournament for 18 years, and over the last 10 or so years has consistently raised between $12,000 and $16,000 each year.  It is only because of our participants, sponsors, and volunteers that this event has been such a success.

ABADASA also hosts 3 slo-pitch tournaments each year. The August long weekend Polydays tournament being the longest running, and we are proud to share that we have several multi generational teams who are still attending our tournament! For many years we have assisted the Darwell Ag. Society in running the Darwell tournament.  And four years ago Denise and Wendy started an All Mens All Ladies tournament in mid July.

ABADASA is proud to give the money we raise back to our communities with our main focus being on kids and sports.  This is a list of where our money has gone in recent years.....

  • AB Beach Community League
  • Darwell School Safari
  • Onoway Legion
  • Onoway Food Bank
  • LSA Army Cadets
  • Hockey for Homeless
  • Victim Services
  • Sangudo Minor Sports
  • Onoway Ball Association
  • Darwell Athletic Assoc
  • Duffield School Playground
  • Mayerthorpe School Playground
  • AB Beach School rock climbing wall
  • High School Rodeo participant at Nationals
  • LSA District 4-H
  • Northwest Regional 4-H Council
  • Onoway Minor Hockey
  • Onoway High School Volleyball
  • Onoway Historical Guild
  • Onoway Dance Group
  • Riot Volleyball
  • Swede Moren Ball Park
  • AB Beach Lions 
  • Kids Novelty Races at SnoMo Days
  • Beachwave Park
  • Darwell Hall
  • Friends of the Darwell Library
  • Darwell Ag. Society
  • Wabamun Minor Ball
  • AB Beach Minor Ball
  • Anselmo Minor Ball
  • Sangudo Sabres Cheer
  • Barrhead Good Will Tour
  • Grasmere School for "Hero" - Dogs with Wings Program

Our largest annual contribution is to AB Beach Community League for the operation of Beachwave Park and that is $4,500/year. In 2017 we gave $15,000.00 to Darwell Ag. Society to assist with completion of their ball diamond upgrades. And we are especially proud of our donation to Elmer Elson Elementary School in Mayerthorpe for their Buddy Bench!

In 2019 we introduced a new fundraising event to our golf tournament and that was Dogs with Wings and specifically “Hero” and Grasmere School. Dogs with Wings is a terrific organization who breed, raise, train and gift service dogs to those in need. It costs them approximately $40,000 to raise a dog to the point of adopting out, and only about 3 out of 10 dogs meet their strict criteria of what it takes to be a service dog.   Recently service dogs have been introduced to our schools as a partner to enhance learning opportunities and assist students and staff with all sorts of learning, social and emotional needs. It costs Grasmere School approximately $3,000/year for Hero (food, vet, insurance) and our goal for 2019 was to cover part of these annual costs.  Well, this Dogs with Wings/Hero initiative was a huge success because of our generous supporters at our golf tournament and we were able to cover all of Grasmere’s annual costs for this school year and then match that same donation to the Dogs with Wings Association!!

ABADASA donated money towards Wabamun Minor Ball in 2018!!

ABADASA reps Wendy and Denise presenting the Onoway Ag Society with a $1000 cheque for the new skate shack at "The Joe" skating rink in Onoway 2017!!

ABADASA donated money towards Onoway Minor Ball for new hats in 2017!!

ABADASA reps Todd and Joe presenting a cheque for $1000 for the purchase and install of a Buddy Bench for the Mayerthorpe kids in 2017!!

ABADASA donated $3000 towards the annual cost of "Hero" the service dog at Grasmere School from theDogs With Wings Program.

ABADASA donated $15000.00 towards the improvements at the Darwell baseball diamonds!!

ABADASA donated money towards a new "Buddy Bench" for Duffield School in 2018

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