Poly Days Tourney

Credit card payment option will not be available until July 1, 2018. We are wanting teams to email transfer payment to dlbussche@gmail.com as there is no service charges for this transaction - (PayPal charges $13.35 per entry fee!) The more money we can save on service charges the more that can go back to the kids!! 

All proceeds from Poly Days and the Men's/Ladies tourneys go to ABADASA!

ABADASA will be hosting the annual Polynesian Days slo pitch tournament in Alberta Beach/Onoway. The tournament will be August 4,5 & 6, 2018 and the entry fee will be $450.00. Guaranteed 5 games. The first 32 teams PAID will be accepted and all other teams will be put on a waitlist.

You can register and pay for your team on this website using:

1. PREFERRED METHOD: email money transfer to dlbussche@gmail.com

2. Paypal, visa, mastercard

3. Cash to Wendy at the Onoway Town Office or

4. Mail a cheque to 119-53304 Range Road 30, Parkland County, AB  T7Y 0E2

 (make cheque payable to ABADASA)


Payment due by July 20,2018.

List of teams registered/paid is at bottom of page.


Diamonds #AB1 & #AB2 are in Alberta Beach behind the Alberta Beach Hotel.

Diamond #AB1 is at the concession and Diamond #AB2 is at the back beside Heritage Park.

Diamond #ON1, #ON2, #ON3 are in Onoway.

Diamond #ON1 & #ON2 parking is behind the arena and diamond #ON3 parking is behind the elementary school.

If there are any questions about this tournament please contact  Wendy 780-819-3681 or Denise 780-975-4518or email ab.abadasa@gmail.com

Teams Registered for Poly Days Tourney:

(Teams in blue are PAID)

  1. YoBabies
  2. Brewers
  3. Ticklers
  4. Alpha Q
  5. Quack Attack
  6. Get Dirty
  7. McNuggets
  8. Beavers
  9. Clearance
  10. Pitches Be Crazy
  11. Long Shots
  12. Ninjas With Attitude
  13. Thunder Ducks
  14. Mudpuppies
  15. Chickens
  16. Happy Campers
  17. Tropics
  18. The Pretenders
  19. Morning Wood Rebels
  20. No Talent Hacks
  21. Muff 'n Men
  22. Mayhem
  23. ABC Slo Pitch
  24. B Double E
  25. GWB
  26. Black Sox
  27. Dirty Devils
  28. Dong Sox
  29. Mad Balls
  30. Skid League
  31. No Glove No Love
  32. Untouchables
  33. Hoochies
  34. Catch Me If You Can

Team packages can be picked up at your first game from the umpire

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